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Volume 4 Issue 3

Gangs in Prison: The Nature and Impact of Gang Involvement Among Prisoners
Emily Setty, Elizabeth Simes & Rachel Sturrock12.2014
Is the right to education important for the youth?
Alexia Kapsampeli 11.2014
‘Enabling young people to live the good life’: Orienting youth work to proper ends
Michael Emslie 11.2014
Young people, homelessness, UK welfare reform and food poverty in Scotland
Karolina Gombert 10.2014
Book review
Book Review of Whyte, B. (2009) ‘Youth Justice in Practice: Making a Difference’
Book reviewed by  Dr Theo Gavrielides 10.2014

Volume 4 Issue 2

ArticleYoung People’s Participation in the Formulation and Implementation of Ghana’s Youth Policy Dr Jones Adu-Gyamfi 08.2014
ArticleThe Case of Nationality and the Duty to Assist – Do we have greater obligations of justice to co-nationals? James Quinlan 07.2014
ArticleYoung people’s experiences of Triage as a restorative disposal in Youth – A Qualitative Analysis Rebecca Forde and Claire Cooke 07.2014
ArticleHow can Evidence-Based Policy Emerge from Empirical Data? Charles Berg, Marianne Milmeister and Christiane Weis 06.2014

Volume 4 Issue 1

The Impact of Ideology upon Separated and Displaced Children Seeking Asylum in the UK
Josh Christie 03.2014
ArticleYoung People and Europe: Quantitatively researching Euroscepticism in Europe’s youth Patrick English 03.2014
ArticleBordered citizenship: National identities, transnational lives and the limitation of the UK’s National Citizen ServiceSeán F. Murphy 01.2014
ArticleLegislative imbalance regarding parental responsibility of young offenders Muna Sabbagh 01.2014
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