YVJ Published 2015 – Volume 5

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Volume 5 Issue 2

Defining and Analyzing Community Violence in their Community: Jane-Finch Youth Perception of Violence in their Toronto Community
S. Nombuso Dlamini, Uzo Anucha & Alex Lovell 5.8.2015
Article Student Voice: A Field Coming of Age Jerusha O. Conner 12.8.2015
Youth Outreach Work: Using Solidarity to Empower Marginalized Youth
Warren Clarke 16.12.2015

Volume 5 Issue 1

Promoting Prevention and Early Intervention of Adolescents’ Self-Disclosure and Online Risk Behavior
Rachel Ellingson and Nicole R. Skaar 12.06.2015
ArticleChildren Have Rights: Child Advocacy in the Lives of Young People Daniella Bendo 22.05.2015
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