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Volume 8 Issue 4: Special Issue: “Sexual Orientation and Young People” (ed. Jason Schaub)

When young LGBTIQ+ people speak up: “We are here!” Nina Perger
LGBT Young People’s Lives: Challenging but improving  Jason Schaub
“You’re so different that your difference is you” James Alexander
Beyond the Tipping Point: Modifying the Five C’s to Empower Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth Jonah De Chants, Heather Kennedy, Yoli Anyon

Volume 8 Issue 3

ArticleYouth Participation in Spanish Urban Periphery: Its Concept, Spheres and Conditioning Factors Ana Belén Cano Hila, Marta Sabariego Puig & Antoni Ruiz Bueno 22.11.2018
Article Assessment of Reasons for Poor Academic Performance of African Female Students in Accounting Studies at University of Zululand (UNIZULU) Ankur Ratnam Tewari 16.10.2018
ArticlePsychological, Emotional and Social Wellbeing and Volunteering: A Study on Italian and Ukrainian University StudentsEduard Balashov, Ihor Pasichnyk, Ruslana Kalamazh, Taras Dovhaliuk & Elvira Cicognani 22.11.2018
ArticleDo school sports deter or facilitate juvenile delinquency? A multi-method studyLurdes Veríssimo, Hugo Carvalho, Mónica Soares & Raquel Matos 16.10.2018

Volume 8 Issue 2

ArticleYoung Refugees as Peer Mentors to European Foster Children: A Suggestion for Integration Daphne Catherine Spyropoulos 18.7.2018
Contextualizing the Black Male experience within Education and its Socio-Cultural Impact
Gerry L. Small and Adrian Worrell 13.6.2018
ArticleFindings from 2017 anthropometry and nutrition survey of youths (18-35 years) resident in UAENiyi Awofeso, Zahour Al Haj Rabih, Fatima Al Odaini, Amina Abdulrazzaq, Maram Youssef, Mohammed Guleid, Abdul Rahman Al-Maflehi, and Moyosola Bamidele 23.7.2018
ArticleOn the pathway to suicide: suicidal ideation in young people in Karachi, Pakistan Ehsan U. Syed, Nargis Asad, Murad M Khan, Mohammad Zaman and Shahina Pirani 21.8.2018
ArticleReintegration challenges of youth who were diverted into a residential sex offenders’ programme in South Africa Thulane Gxubane 21.8.2018

Volume 8 Issue 1

Article Roses, Cracks and Concrete: Black Canadian Males and Politics of “Marketability” Gerry L. Small & Adrian Worrell 28.2.2018
Hong Kong youth identity and self-presentation in the New Territories: A qualitative study on letters from youth and teachers to an NGO internship program
Robert W Spires 26.5.2018
Engaging University Students for Community Development Initiatives
Sunday Olawale Olaniran 26.5.2018
Addressing Youth Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Prospects Sourcing Micro-finance in the Caribbean Economy
Paul Pounder 26.5.2018
Engaging Young Europeans: Discourse on Youth Participation Within The EU Structured Dialogue
Marinko Banjac 4.5.2018
A Correlational Study of the Relationship between Risk Factors and Gun-Related Delinquency among Urban Female Adolescents
Zina T. McGee, Brandy Richeson, Mollie Ducoste, Carileigh Jones and Tandeka Nunn 4.5.2018
Addressing Youth Unemployment in the Balkans, With a Reference to Young Carers
Daniel Linotte 27.2018
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