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Issue IJRJ Special Issue 2 “Restorative Justice & Complex Cases” Gavrielides T.
Paper – Special Issue Kalemi et al, Victimisers or Victims?’’: A Case of 27 HIV-positive Sex Workers Kalemi et al
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Paper – Special Issue Acorn, A. (2018). “Healing the Will To Annihilate: Emotion, Belief and the … Acorn A.
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Paper – Special Issue Barefoot, A. (2018) Finding Justice for Black Women Barefoot A.
Paper – Special Issue Bromwich, R (2018) RJ Processes and Complex Cases Involving Corporate Liability Bromwich R.
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Book Review – Special Issue Review of ‘Gavrielides, T. (Eds.). (2018). Human Rights & Restorative Justice. Radhi R.

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