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Type Title AuthorDate
EditorialEditorial: Restorative Justice and Complex Cases
– Dispelling Myths
Dr Theo Gavrielides08.18
Article“Victimisers or Victims?’’: A Case of 27 HIV-positive Sex Workers Victimised by the Media in Greece of 2012Kalemi, et al.08.18
ArticleHealing the Will to Annihilate: Emotion, Belief
and the Decentring of the State in Restorative
Responses to Hate Crime
Annalise Acorn08.18
ArticleRestorative Justice and Marijuana LegalisationReem Radhi08.18
Article“We humbly beg pardon…” The Use of Restorative Justice in Fraud Offences, 1718-2018Yasmin Devi-McGleish and David J. Cox08.18
ArticleFinding Justice for Black Women: Towards a
Black Feminist Praxis of Addressing GenderBased Violence Using Restorative Justice
Abigail Barefoot08.18
ArticleRestorative Justice Processes and Complex Cases Involving Corporate Liability for Environmental Harms in Canada: Pitfalls, Problems, Promise and PotentialRebecca Bromwich08.18
ArticleWhat is Restorative About Teen Court?Walker et al.08.18
Book ReviewReview of ‘Gavrielides, T. (Eds.). (2018). Human Rights & Restorative Justice’Reem Radhi08.18
– Volume 6 Issue 2: Special Issue “Restorative Justice & Complex Cases” (ed. Theo Gavrielides) –
Type Title AuthorDate
ArticleRestorative Justice Theory and Practice in the Context of Race and Racism in the USAAgata Foksa-Biega12.18
ArticleUsing Single-Subject Design as a (Changing) Lens to Evaluate School-based Restorative Justice as a Means to Countermand the School to Prison PipelineDarren Aitchison08.18
ArticleA Case Study of a Prisoner Assistant Facilitator in an Inprison Restorative Justice ProgrammeJane Anderson04.18
– Volume 6 Issue 1 –
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