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RJ4ALL Publications is one of the world’s leading independent publishers of e-Books on restorative justice, youth policy, criminal justice and human rights.

An e-Book is not a mere pdf file! It is a digital book which can be read on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, our e-Books are compatible with Amazon Kindle and can also be accessed directly from the Kindle website.

From here, you can access all our e-books. Most e-Books are provided for £0.99. Where a cost is involved, all proceeds go towards our charitable objects and no profit is made. Full Terms of Sale – link below.
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Authors interested in publishing their work with RJ4All Publications should get in touch with the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Gavrielides contact@rj4allpublications.com

We do not charge for publishing and are not interested in making any kind of profit. RJ4All Publications is non partisan, but motivated by its values. We aim to advance research, academic rigour and public understanding of social harm, social inequality and alternative ways of restoring peace and crime. Ultimately, we want to affect positive change in society, and have a real-world impact. We are particularly interested to publish the work of young or junior scholars, practitioners and of those with direct experiences.

RJ4All Publications is the publishing arm of the Restorative Justice for All International Institute (Company no: 08684719), and the publisher of the leading international, peer reviewed Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ) and the Youth Voice Journal (YVJ™)

Our e-books are indexed by EBSCO Information Services and are available to over 170,000 universities and government departments from around the world. They can also be downloaded from www.rj4allpublications.com and Kindle.

RJ4All Publications is fully committed to ethical publication practice, and have a strict Publications Ethics Guidelines that we adhere to. RJ4All Publications and its Journals are guided by our Editorial Board and International Advisory Board. Their membership includes some of the most prominent academics, researchers and practitioners in the area that we publish. When e-books stem from research projects conducted by the RJ4All institute, these projects are previously reviewed by the RJ4All Research Ethics Committee .

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