Academic Experiences as Determinants of Anxiety and Depression of Filipino College Students in Metro Manila

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Author: Rowalt Alibudbud

To cite this article: Alibudbud, R . (2021). “Academic Experiences as Determinants of Anxiety and Depression of Filipino College Students in Metro Manila”, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2969.

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There is an increasing local and international pressure to integrate mental health into educational institutions due to a surge in discrimination and lack of mental healthcare services, especially among developing nations including the Philippines. However, there remained to be sparse information regarding mental health in these settings. This study determined the relationship and the extent of adverse academic experiences, anxiety, and depression among Filipino College students.
Methodology: This is a randomized cross-sectional study that employed descriptive statistics and logistic regression. A total of 232 adult college students participated in this study.
Findings: College students at risk for depressive and anxiety disorders were 35% and 47.2%, respectively. Experiencing difficulties coping with studies was associated with significant depressive symptoms (OR=4.824, p .001) and anxiety problems (OR=2.148, p .040) with an index of determination of 8.5% to 18.6%.
Discussion: The rates of depression and anxiety among college students have increased over the years. They are also two to three times at risk for depression and anxiety problems compared to the general population. Students experiencing difficulties coping with their studies have up to five times higher risk for depression and anxiety. Instituting mental health promotion in school settings can decrease these rates by up to 18.6%. Thus, mental health promotion should be integrated into the educational system.
Value: This study supported the establishment of mental health programs in educational settings to improve students’ mental wellbeing.

Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Education, Philippines, Students

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