An Analytical Study on the Causes of Delinquent Behavior Among Adolescents in Tehsil Okara, Punjab, Pakistan

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Author: Qudrat Ullah and Muhammad Sami Ullah Khan

To cite this article: Ullah, Q., & Khan, M.S.U. (2021). “An Analytical Study on the Causes of Delinquent Behavior Among Adolescents in Tehsil Okara, Punjab, Pakistan”, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2969.

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Parents, peers, and teachers are often considered as pious relations of an adolescent. When delinquent acts are committed by the adolescents then their parents, peers, and teachers begin to blame others as a cause of this delinquent behavior. Without realizing that, they have a significant amount of bonding and association with those adolescents and such delinquency has been displayed because of their weak bonding and negative association with those adolescents. This research aims to analyze adolescents’ level of interaction and bonding with their parents, peers, and teachers to find out the causes of delinquency in Pakistan’s society.  Data were collected from 250 male adolescents studying in two government high schools in tehsil Okara, through survey research technique, with the help of a structured interview schedule. A self-reported delinquency scale was used to measure delinquent behavior among adolescents. It founds that, in Pakistan out of 250 male adolescents 82(32.8%) are delinquents, which means out of every eight adolescents three are delinquents. The majority of adolescents were found: used bad language to their parents, gang affiliation, beaten up someone, gone to the bus without paying ticket, cheat in exams, do sexual activities. Whereas “lower economic status is not closely associated with delinquent behavior”. It is concluded that adolescent’s negative interaction and weak bonding with parents, teachers, peers, and access to the internet, and mobile phones are influencing delinquent behavior among the Pakistani youth. This delinquent behavior must be prevented through Parent-child strong relationship, digital parental lock system on adolescent’s devices, and teachers’ character building.

Keywords: ineffective parent’s practices, juvenile delinquency, peer group motivation, teacher’s negative association

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