Artinopoulou, V. et al. (2012) Formal and Informal Restorative Justice Practices for Juveniles in Greece

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Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal


In Greece, restorative practices are to some extent applied at the legal level, but
have experienced faster growth through informal applications and social
programmes, most of which involve young people. Both formal and informal
restorative schemes face difficulties and obstacles as to their implementation.
A comparative perspective is attempted through an evaluation of a case study from
Juvenile Probation Services and qualitative research findings from the activity of
the Hellenic Social Mediation Centre. The paper aims to set the criteria for
improving the implementation of both formal and informal restorative justice
practices for juveniles in Greece. The profile of the target group, issues around
programme design, trainers’ skills and ongoing and follow up evaluation tools are
discussed and considered as recommendations for policy and practice.

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