Review of ‘Johnson, K. (2014), UNBROKEN CIRCLES FOR SCHOOLS: Restoring Schools One Conflict at a Time’

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“The book deals with the conflicts in school settings. It describes thoroughly a program named ‘Unbroken Circles’ which is registered with its rights protected, meaning a commercially available program. This book review has nothing to do with the direct or indirect advertisement of the program and focuses only in the book’s content.

Unbroken Circles is not just a book about a program description and implementation. On the contrary, the author gets into the theoretical framework(s) on conflict, trying to explain how conflicts in schools reflect the broader social and cultural conflicts. He also addresses the concepts of restorative justice, collaborative justice, conflict resolution, juvenile justice, criminal justice and other ‘hot issues’ of doing justice in the USA.  To this end, ‘Unbroken Circles for Schools’ attempts to bring together the academic knowledge, the research findings and the implemented policies in the field of primary and secondary education system in the USA and in concrete in the microclimate of the schools. Before describing in detail the Unbroken Circles program, the author analyses the background and the roots of the program….”

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