Conceptual basis for creating a program to overcome the current fears of modern youth

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Author(s): Liana Spytska

To cite this article: Spytska, L. (2023). Conceptual basis for creating a program to overcome the current fears of modern youth, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2056-2969

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The relevance of the issues outlined in the article is determined by the presence of many current fears of modern youth, which progress or prevail in accordance with the new changes in the development of society. The aim of the article is a theoretical study of the existing and prevailing current fears of modern youth, their overcoming, as well as the assessment and impact on young people. To achieve the goals of the study, theoretical and empirical research methods were used to isolate and summarize the data of direct observation, and the combination of these methods will create the dynamics of scientific knowledge as a coherent organized system.

The results of empirical research, which were obtained in the framework of this scientific study, should include the definition of the main topical fears, the causes of their occurrence, the experience of the individual at different levels in order to further understand and prevent them at different stages of development. Acquired results are recommended for psychologists, educators and people whose duties include interaction with contemporary youth, for young people themselves who experience fears, and for scholars who study fears in contemporary youth.

Keywords: fear, emotion, feeling, sensation, phobia.

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