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Author(s): Nataliya Regesha, Alla Popova, Svitlana Vlasova, Nadiia Kononska & Iryna Shvets

To cite this article: Regesha, N., Popova, A., Vlasova, S., Kononska, N., & Shvets, I. (2022). Content Making in the Context of Online Education,, Education and Upbringing of Youth in New Realities: Perspectives and Challenges, Youth Voice Journal Vol. II pp. 67-76. ISBN(ONLINE): 978-1-911634-58-4



The current conditions of the COVID-19 global pandemic have led to a search for new ways to conduct educational activities in the field of culture and art. The specifics of teaching conducting and choral disciplines were no exception. The need for the transformation of educational activities into an online format has led to the search for pedagogical and digital techniques that would meet the standards for the provision of educational services at the high school level. It is much easier to broadcast lecture and lecture-practical group disciplines in an online format, but individual practical classes require a search for the most effective means, where modern technological equipment combined with the pedagogical skills of the teacher will create a learning space appropriate for higher education. The theoretical analysis and empirical research proved that the online format of music education is quite effective, provided that the modernization and transformation of the educational system is carried out in the context of the transformation of educational material into a convenient format, an accessible and comfortable space of messengers and social networks for students.

Keywords: distance learning, online format, choral conducting, content making, technical support

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