Cowley, J. (2012) Homophobic Bullying in Northern Ireland’s Schools Perspectives from Young People

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Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal


Research suggests that Northern Ireland has the highest rate of homophobic violence in the United Kingdom. Young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people have been indicated to be at a higher risk of school bullying than young people in general. The ramifications of this have been stress and mental health problems including clinical depression, self-harm and suicide for the young people targeted. Academically, young LGBT people who were bullied attained less than expected and reported higher truancy levels as well as an earlier school leaving age. The article describes homophobic bullying, and discusses its prevalence. It gives the opinions and accounts of two young people who have experienced homophobic bullying, and offers evidence-based suggestions on how to tackle and prevent homophobic bullying.

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