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Author: Olha Kopiyevska

To cite this article: Kopiyevska, O. (2021).“Creative Discourses of Educational Practices: Student Youth of Arta and Culture Proffessions”, Youth Voice Journal: Young People In Education, Vol. 2, pp. 34-45. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1- 911634-21-8.


The research is intended to determine the role and importance of a creative approach to educational practices within the training of young professionals for the cultural and artistic sphere. The relevance of the study is produced by the rapid educational transformations in the student youth environment, which in turn requires an accurate theoretical understanding.

The study highlights the problem of transformation of educational practices for students of cultural and artistic professions in the digital age, reveals the role and importance of creative technologies for the formation of professional and socio-cultural communication of youth. There is a need to understand modern educational trends and practices caused by global digitalization, educational, and cultural globalization.

The article considers modern approaches to understanding such concepts as: «educational practice,» «creative discourse,» «student youth,» «cultural reality;» priority types, and forms of educational practices for student youth are invented, their target potential and mission are analyzed.

Based on the project sociological research, which was conducted within the framework of the Erasmus + KA2 project «Academic Response to Hybrid Threats – WARN» # 610133-EPP-1-2019-1-FIEPPKA2-CBHE-JP,» a list of educational practices
that are relevant for the representatives of the cultural and artistic sphere was presented, their practical priority is outlined by taking into account both individual and professional competencies.

The research proposes an original typology of educational practices, reveals their creative potential and cultural content, modern approaches in the educational process of student youth within educational institutions of cultural and artistic orientation are outlined through the author’s concept of «cultural practices».

Keywords: creative discourse, educational practice, student youth, cultural reality.

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