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Author(s): Nataliia Krechko, Viktoriia Shevchenko, Tetiana Shnurenko, Vadym Samoliuk, & Oleksandr Luzan

To cite this article: Krechko, N., Shevchenko, V., Shnurenko, T., Samoli uk, V.,& Luzan, O. (2022). Cultural Needs of Urban Youth in COVID-19 Pandemic Conditions, Education and Upbringing of Youth in New Realities: Perspectives and Challenges, Youth Voice Journal Vol. III, pp. 28-37. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-59-1



Youth leisure is often explained in the context of the availability of free time. The process of fulfilling the cultural needs of modern youth provides context for the individualization of the choice of forms of leisure activities. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, urban youth culture faced not only the need to sublimate depression and burnout, but also to seek new forms of leisure activities under quarantine restrictions. The priority is to analyze the impact of pandemic conditions on the leisure activities of young people, which will determine the demand for a cultural product that is relevant in today’s conditions. Diagnosing the basic needs and problems of young people in the context of leisure reveals the feasibility of online and integrated cultural and artistic activities, which under pandemic conditions is a factor in maintaining moral balance and restoring the emotional resources of the individual, which in turn improves the ability to handle the crisis. The ability to choose the format of visiting the cultural environment raises the issue of vaccination not in a forced context, but a plane of free choice, making offline leisure the predominant motivational aspect.

Keywords: culture, leisure, youth, pandemic, online, leisure opportunities, cultural product demand.

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