Development of non-profit organizations in Ukraine through the prism of youth activity

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Author(s): Olena Antoniuk, Nataliya Mamontova, Yurii Kleban, and Oksana Tereshchuk

To cite this article: Antoniuk, O., Mamontova, N., Kleban, Y., and Tereshchuk, O. (2023). Development of non-profit organizations in Ukraine through the prism of youth activity, Inequality, Informational Warfare, Fakes and Self-Regulation in Education and Upbringing of Youth, Youth Voice Journal Vol. IV, pp. 7-21. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-81-2




An important factor in the development of any state is the activity of non-profit organizations that help to solve many issues of social development. The forms and nature of interaction of these organizations with state and local self-governing bodies, with the population as a whole is an important factor influencing functional processes in the country. The main goal of non-profit organizations is the implementation of projects and tasks that are socially important. The Law of Ukraine “About non-profit organizations” was adopted only in 2013, thus, citizens received the rights for non-profit activity and to protect their rights and freedoms, to satisfy public, particularly economic, social, cultural, ecological and other interests of the community. Therefore, the short history of the activity of non-profit organizations in Ukraine leaves its mark on development. At the moment, in contrast to foreign practice, in Ukraine, the activities of non-profit organizations, particularly youth associations, have not received the attention they deserve from society. The relevance of this topic is important in view of the opportunities provided by the development of non-profit organizations and their positive impact on the life of society. Non-profit organizations function not only within the borders of one country, but also cooperate with other communities of the world. Highlighting the issue of youth participation in the activities of non-profit organizations in Ukraine and establishing directions for improving the interaction between population and non-profit organizations is the main goal of this research. The theoretical basis of this research is the works of Ukrainian and foreign researchers, as well as the collected data and results of our research based on questionnaires conducted at national universities at two different periods, prior, and during wartime. The method of statistical research on the activities of public associations in Ukraine and the results of questionnaires with the participation of respondents of different ages were used in order to determine the public awareness of the activities of non-profit organizations. Respondents were citizens of different ages basically from Rivne region (Ukraine), partially composed of the younger generation. The study was conducted in two time periods – before February 24, 2022, prior to russian invasion of Ukraine, and in September of the same year, while the war is still going on. Based on the analysis of statistical data on the activities of non-profit organizations in Ukraine, legislative acts and research by researchers, information about the types of non-profit organizations in Ukraine were summarized. As a result of the research, problematic issues in the development of non-profit organizations were identified and proposals were made to improve their activity in Ukraine.

Keywords: non-profit organization, public organizations, youth, non-profit activity, professional motivation, students.

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