Does Volunteering Frequency Foster Moral Courage in Young People? The Mediatory Role of Leadership Self-Efficacy

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Author(s): Hatice Ekici, Emine Yücel, and Mehmet Fatih Köse

To cite this article: Ekici, H., Yücel, E., & Köse, M, F. (2022). Does Volunteering Frequency
Foster Moral Courage in Young People? The Mediatory Role of Leadership Self-Efficacy, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online):2056-2969.


Purpose. Moral courage is to raise one’s voice in response to injustice or harm directed toward oneself or another. Whereas extant studies have yielded the robust effect of volunteering on young people’s several moral-civic characteristics, its link to moral courage has yet to be subject to inquiry. The current study aimed to examine volunteering frequency as the antecedent of leadership self-efficacy, which might, in turn, help in enhancing moral courage in young volunteers. In other words, this study tested the mediatory role of leadership self-efficacy in the relationship between volunteering frequency and moral courage.
Methodology. The target population was all young volunteers in Turkey for this quantitative study. A total of 516 volunteers (the age mean = 22.12) who served as a part of the International Damla (Drop) Volunteer Movement were recruited through a convenience sampling methodology. The data was collected via an online survey. After reporting their volunteering frequency rates, participants responded to the moral courage and leadership self-efficacy scales. The SPSS PROCESS macro was used in the data analysis.
Findings. Leadership self-efficacy fully mediated the link between volunteering frequency and moral courage.
Conclusion & Recommendations. The results revealed that volunteering might foster moral courage in youth by strengthening their confidence in leading others. Accordingly, non-governmental organisations are strongly suggested to include a leadership development curriculum into volunteer education programmes to further increase civic participation’s efficacy in bolstering the leadership competence of volunteers and thus their moral courage levels.
Keywords: volunteering, leadership self-efficacy, youth, moral courage, moral-civic development

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