Dr Daniel Linotte (2018) “Addressing Youth Unemployment in the Balkans, With a Reference to Young Carers”

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Most countries in the Balkans are characterized by high levels of youth unemployment. To some extent, the grey economy absorbs some of the unemployed. There are also growing inequalities related to the lack of job opportunities. Labour policies are not very effective. Considering the lack of resources in the region, the social and solidarity economy, based on civil society, should also play a key-role.
Considering young carers, the Western territories of the Balkans (former Yugoslavia) is a specific region, with a war legacy in terms of disabilities and lack of safety nets. To help the young carers, it is suggested to use the resources of the internet to develop specific actions to assist the youth, and young carers in particular. The internet allows networking, sharing experiences and joining efforts. The internet supports learning new skills. Moreover, home-based work, including entrepreneurship, can be promoted with the internet.
In addition to gender and social inequalities, discrimination between generations must be addressed. There should be equal chances, with a sense of solidarity, and more support for creativity. Eventually, youth movements could become a political force, with more voices in national and EU institutions, including parliaments and lobbying spheres.


youth unemployment, young carers, Balkans, labour policies, social and solidarity economy, role of the internet.

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