Drivers and Experiences of Unemployed Youth Graduates in Ethiopia

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Author: Taye Dida

To cite this article: Dida, T. (2021). “Drivers and Experiences of Unemployed Youth Graduate in Ethiopia” , Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2969.

Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal


Aim: The study aimed at investigating drivers and experiences of unemployed youth graduates in Ethiopia.
Approach: The study was descriptive qualitative case study. Purposive sampling of nonprobability sampling technique was used. The study used in-depth interview, key informants and focus group discussion. Research ethics in general and informed consent, confidentiality and privacy had been maintained in the study.
Findings: Youth were unemployed because of mismatch of demand and supply, corrupted system, lack of developing self employment and entrepreneurship. Youth are the fulcrum and future of hopes of society, but they are the hardest-hit by an ingrained unemployment in Ethiopia contemporarily. If deeply entrenched youth unemployment continues to be unresolved, political marginalization of youth and their socio-economic exclusion may contribute to their vulnerability to engage in social unrest particularly their susceptibility to labelization and radicalization. If the established youth associations, who have already taken revolving fund, cannot pay back 97%, newly established youth associations may not get revolving fund.
Value: Considering adequate revolving funding; appropriate training and entrepreneurship; construction of factories and industrial parks; and provision of sheds are some of the measures to countermand ignominy challenges ravaging the youth. Therefore, in order to address the bottlenecks and scapegoating of youth in society, unemployed youth needs be mainstreamed genuinely by developing socialization in terms of promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship since they have unleashed potentials as well as they are engine of change agents by all concerned stakeholders.

Keywords: Drivers, experiences, unemployed youth graduates, Ethiopia

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