EDITORIAL: Critical youth voices on the Covid 19 pandemic: International perspectives

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Author(s): Dr Daniel Briggs

To cite this article: Briggs, D. (2021). “Editorial”, Youth Voice Journal: Critical youth voices on the Covid 19 pandemic: International perspectives, pp.
4-7. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-37-9


Prior to 2020, the next looming crisis appeared to be manmade climate change. It had certainly started to dominate new media while in the background there were peppered reports of the things we have come to know as the grave infractions of 21st-century neoliberal life: sharpening inequality, increasing unemployment, and poverty, and swelling youth disadvantage and disaffection. All of this just seemed to be oscillating between a simmering and boiling point, ever more regularly suppressed by an asymmetrical politics and thus appearing as sporadic and disconnected issues in the swirl of 24/7 news media reporting. Yes, the only thing politics seemed to be delivering was everything of circumstance yet nothing of substance. In summary, life was exceptional for a very small group, pretty good for some perhaps even getting better, getting harder for others and for the rest of the world, was rapidly deteriorating……

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