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Author(s): Yaroslava Orlovska

To cite this article: Orlovska, Y. (2022). Evolution of the right to a safe environment for life and health and guarantees for its implementation for younger generations, Education and Upbringing of Youth in New Realities: Perspectives and Challenges, Youth Voice Journal Vol. IV, pp. 55-66. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-60-7



Aim. Young people today pay a lot of attention to environmental issues, and this to a certain extent distinguishes them from the older generation, which is rather neutral on the subject. In the twenty-first century, environmental protection is an extremely burning issue. Legal measures are needed to protect life, health and gene pool of future generations. In addition, the proper implementation and development of mechanisms can create all the necessary conditions for the younger generations to exercise their right to a safe life and health of the environment. The main objective of the research presented in this article is to analyse the human rights, in particular the rights of young people to a safe environment for life and health in the context of the evolution of human rights, the mechanisms that the state provides for young persons to exercise this right, and to conclude on the further development of the investigated right, which can contribute to a safe environment for the younger generations.

Methods. The study is based on an analysis of international, Ukrainian national regulations, comparisons between countries and information obtained from a literature review. An analysis of statistical indicators of health deterioration has been carried out. Moreover, the prospects for the development of the individual’s right to a safe environment for life and health have been analysed, too.

Results. The results of the study showed that the human right to a safe environment is a third-generation right, and the state has an obligation to recognise, fulfil and protect it. Ukrainian legislation forms mechanisms that can facilitate the participation of young people to address the protection of the human right to a safe environment.

Conclusions. The role and place of the right in question are regulated differently in different states. In most states, this right is guaranteed by the constitution and in some states, it is further regulated by special laws. Ukrainian legislation is not clearly structured in terms of granting young people the right to influence the development of public policy in the sphere of environmental protection. This, in turn, can cause abuse on the part of state authorities, which may manifest itself in a reluctance to engage young people on the basis of their own interpretation of the law.

Keywords: generation of rights, non-property right, right to security, environment, younger generation, COVID-19.

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