Examining the Impact of Face-to-Face, Online and Hybrid Learning on Students’ Motivation to Learn

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Author(s): Bujar Thaci & Saranda Shatri

To cite this article: Thaci, B., and Shatri, S. (2023). Examining the impact of face-to-face, online, and hybrid learning on students’ motivation to learn, Ways of modernizing education and improving the research skills of young people, Youth Voice Journal Vol. II, pp. 82-90. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-96-6



The educational process is a complex system that is influenced by a number of factors. One of these is the young people’s motivation for educational and professional development in a higher educational institution. This question is relevant today, because the forms and approaches to the organization of the educational environment are extremely different. Based on this, the selection of methods for increasing the level of interest of students should be carried out on the basis of modern requirements for educational activities, which are dynamic.

The purpose of the work was to study the conditions and factors on the basis of which students’ motivation develops in various forms of the educational process. For this, a number of scientific and methodological tools were used.

These include methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison, functional analysis, logical analysis, deduction, abstraction, generalization.

As a result, it was possible to determine the main ways of influencing the student’s consciousness, as well as their motivation to work and acquire knowledge in various forms of the educational process. The motivation of students within each of them can develop differently. This is due to the fact that one form involves live communication, while another one is exclusively virtual or blended. It was proven that the level of students’ motivation depended entirely on their need to study particular academic disciplines.

The obtained results can be used during the preparation of teachers to conduct classes and increase the motivation of students with whom they work.

Keywords: Encouragement, professional training. motivation, hybrid learning, face-to-face learning

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