Features of the Professional Identity for the Future Psychologist in the Aspect of his Professionalization

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Author(s): Nataliia Starynska, Oksana Kraieva, Inna Mykhailyuk, Tetiana Tsyhanchuk, & Anna Perepelytsia

To cite this article: Starynska, N., Kraieva, O., Mykhailyuk, I., Tsyhanchuk, T., and Perepelytsia, A.(2023). Features of the professional identity for the future psychologist in the aspect of his professionalization, Ways of modernizing education and improving the research skills of young people, Youth Voice Journal Vol. I, pp. 40-47. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-95-9



Modern society makes high demands to the specialists in the conditions of labour-market and new technologies. They not only activate searching of new ways and conditions of professional training, but also psychological mechanisms, factors of professional and personal development of future specialists. The most important thing among of all is professional identity.

The aim of the investigation is the study of the characteristics of professional identity of future psychologists. The identification of the expert with the profession provides a complete mastery of it, which is accompanied by changes in human perceptions of themselves, their abilities and weakness, intense self-determination and finding their own place in the professional world.

Theoretical and practical approaches of the problem of personal professionalization were analyzed.

The main indicators of the professional identity were determined and they are consciousness, self-discipline and acceptance. The problems of formation in the educational and professional activity for the future psychologists were highlighted in the area of practical psychology.

The meaning and dynamic of personal sense of the notion “psychologist” for the future specialists were explained. Differences in indicators of professional identity of the future psychologists who depend from the phase of training and form of financing for the education were analyzed and identified.

Keywords: Professional mentality, professional identity, personal sense, phase of the professional training and form of financing

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