Formation of Inclusive Competence of Future Special Educators

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Author(s): Sevinj Nasibova

To cite this article: Nasibova, S.(2023). Formation of inclusive competence of future special educators, Ways
of modernizing education and improving the research skills of young people, Youth Voice Journal Vol. II, pp. 18-32. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-96-6



The purpose of the article is to develop a model for the formation of inclusive competence in a student studying in the speciality “Social pedagogue”.

The method for the study of the highlighted problem is the diagnosis of personality attitudes in the motivational-need sphere based on the development of O.F. Potemkin. It allows determining the level of personal attitude to social interaction at the level of manifestation of one’s activity. The manifestation occurs in the form of individual activity with the presentation of the final result from the process under consideration of the necessary organisation to solve the current problem in relation to all its participants in considering the preservation of its prosperous component.

The article presents and develops a model “Social pedagogue” for training future social educators on the level of their relationship with their future wards, taking into account the norm of physical, emotional and social perception based on the correction based on the necessary elements in different situations. In such situations, a social pedagogue acts as an adult friend who helps to overcome various difficulties, taking into account the use of correctional psychology and improving relations in society on the basis of motivational-value, cognitive, active, sociable, emotionally respectful, creative, cultural-aesthetic criteria in favourable conditions of the educational process.

The formed model will contribute to the formation of a friendly form of manifestation of their professional competencies in future teachers, aimed at the successful development of personality.

Keywords: Student, sociability, motivational and value criterion, correctional and pedagogical activity, education

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