Generation Z on the Rise: a Scientometric Analysis using CiteSpace

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Author(s): Leszek S. Dąbrowski and Stefania Środa-Murawska

To cite this article: Dąbrowski, L. S., & Środa-Murawska, S. (2023). Generation Z on the rise: a scientometric analysis using CiteSpace, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2056-2969





Due to the increasing share of Generation Z in the world’s population, research on Generation Z has been gaining momentum in recent years. This paper collects 746 scientific publications from 2008–2021 on Generation Z from the Web of Science database. An in-depth scientometric analysis of issues related to Generation Z was conducted. CiteSpace software was used in the analysis, in which collaboration analysis, keyword co-occurrence analysis, and document co-citation analysis were performed.


The study aimed to present the knowledge landscape of Generation Z research and identify research hotspots and research gaps.


The results show that the number of publications on Generation Z has increased rapidly in recent years and this cohort is becoming an increasingly interdisciplinary subject of research. Research of Generation Z is dominated by the USA and European countries, from which the most prolific institutions and authors come.


This paper identifies recent emerging trends and research hotspots that specifically relate to research on Generation Z in the context of social media and technology, consumer behavior, and education.


Keywords: Generation Z, scientometrics, CiteSpace, visualised analysis

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