Systematic Review of Interparental Conflict and Intimate Relationship Satisfaction of Adult Offspring

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Author(s): Tena Paul and Surekha Chukkali

To cite this article: Paul, T., & Chukkali, S. (2022). Systematic Review of Interparental Conflict and Intimate Relationship Satisfaction of Adult Offspring, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2969



Purpose: The objective of this paper is to synthesize a systematic review and showcase the findings of how interparental conflict affects the adult offspring’s relationship satisfaction.

Approach: The paper follows a systematic review approach adhering to PRISMA Guidelines.

Findings: Three major themes were identified by the researcher that explained the consequences of interparental conflict on adult offspring. The themes are – Offspring Factors, Offspring factors feature the significant components and factors of offspring that highlight the differences in impact of interparental conflict on one’s own romantic relationship; Consequences of Interparental Conflict on Offspring, which highlights the various corollaries on offspring of divorce; and Parent Factors help understand the different parental elements that affect relationship satisfaction of adult offspring.

Limitations: 4 full text articles could not be accessed by the author, and hence were not accounted for in the study.
Practical Implications: The study helps practitioners comprehend the extensive effects of interparental conflict for usage in therapeutic setups. It also highlights research gaps in existing literature such as lack of studies focusing on men, LGBTQ+ population, children from polygamous families and multicultural cohorts.

Value/Originality: Despite the numerous studies published on the topic interparental conflict and its effects on adult offspring, no review has been done to the author’s knowledge, thereby limiting the accessibility of precise information. The research aims to bridge this gap, and make comprehensive findings easily accessible.

Keywords – Intimate Relationships, Interparental Conflict, Adult Offspring, Relationship Satisfaction

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