Jane Thompson & Dan Moxon (2017) “Relationship Journeys of young people who run away”

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Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal



This research aimed to build a stronger understanding of the journeys young people go on when they run away, and what constitutes a “safe place”. We sought to understand this from the perspective of young people themselves, and a peer led research methodology was used and young people with experience of running away and/or homelessness were an active part of the research team.  In doing so heard the way in which these journeys are experienced and defined as moves through a series of relationships as much as moves through physical space and locations. We describe a model for understanding two different types of journey young people go in , both defined by the relationship maintained at different stages of the journey and the resultant impact this has on the level of risk young people who run away are exposed to.  We finish by arguing for the need for interventions designed to support young people runaway to focus more on the role that relationships play in young people’s lives , and how changing or improving relationship can reduce risk.

Keywords: Runaways, young people, missing, peer led research, relationships

Funding Sourcess: This work was funded by Railway Children using a grant from Aviva

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