Jonah De Chants, Heather Kennedy, Yoli Anyon (2018) “Beyond the Tipping Point: Modifying the Five C’s to Empower Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth”

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Transgender people have entered an unprecedented moment of visibility in American society and across the globe. However, transgender and gender expansive youth remain vulnerable to family rejection, harassment at school, and discrimination in healthcare and employment. Positive Youth Development (PYD) is an established framework for strengths-based practice with young people that is focused on helping youth develop the skills they need to become healthy, productive adults. In this manuscript, we reconceptualize the 5 C’s of PYD to address the unique needs and experiences of transgender and gender expansive youth. We also provide specific guidance for empowering service providers to help these young people thrive in the face of marginalization and oppression.


Positive Youth Development, transgender, youth, gender expansive, empowerment, social justice, youth voice, strengths-based, empowerment-focused, practice model

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