Miner-Romanoff, K. (2014). Voices From Inside: Preliminary Results of a…

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Miner-Romanoff, K. (2014). “Voices From Inside: Preliminary Results of a Transformational Justice Art Program for Incarcerated Youth”, Internet Journal of Restorative Justice, ISSN (online): 2056-2985.




Few art programs for incarcerated juveniles exist; however evaluation results indicate decreased recidivism and behavior problems. This paper reports on a preliminary study of an art program for incarcerated adolescents with community exhibits and sale of their work. Voices from Inside, a partnership between Franklin University and the Ohio Department of Youth Services, sponsored three exhibits in 2012, 2013, and 2014. In 2013, youth exhibitor survey results (response rate 47%, 16 of 34) showed that 81% cited as benefits cooperation with others, task completion, and increased self-esteem from public recognition and art sales. Community attendee survey results (response rate 29.5%, 59 of 200) showed positive attitude changes toward juvenile offenders, from 40% to 53%. Qualitative responses were similarly positive. Results indicate the need for further study of juvenile offenders’ art for rehabilitation and restorative justice, the power of art to transform, and university-community partnerships implementing art programs for juvenile offenders.

Key words: arts program, art therapy, art-based rehabilitation, incarcerated youth, juvenile justice, restorative justice, transformational justice

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