Nicos Antoniades (2019) Teacher vs Government Capability to Motivate Teenage Students to Take Pride: Mediator to Voting Intention

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Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal



Lack of interest in participating in political activities rises day by day all over the world, especially among young people. Who could motivate youth, especially teenage students to increase their interest and become responsible citizens? Is high school pride related to their intention to vote? If yes, who could motivate them to take pride in high school? Who could inspire them to become more responsible citizens and use their vote (when they get the right) for the common good? Is it the Government’s job or is it their teachers’ job? Despite the importance of these questions, no attention was given by scholars to answer. Via the resource-based view model, this study hypothesizes that Teacher Motivation Capability and Government Motivation Capability are positively related to Teenage Student Pride. It also hypothesizes that Teenage Student Pride is positively related to Voting Intention. Eighty Cypriot teenage students, aged 15-17 consisted of the sample of the study. Using correlation analysis, the results show that Teacher Motivation Capability is statistically significant and has a strong positive effect on Teenage Student Pride. In turn, Teenage Student Pride is statistically significant and has a moderately positive impact on Voting Intention. Important implications are drawn and interesting directions for future research are provided.

Keywords: Resource-based view, Teacher Motivation Capability, Teenage Students, Pride, Voting Intention

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