Nina Perger (2018) “When young LGBTIQ+ people speak up: “We are here!”

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In this article, we are analysing young LGBTIQ+ demands as formulated during the project We are here! We act together, implemented by Slovenian Pride Association in 2017. The project was grounded in the framework of structured dialogue in which
young people are recognized and addressed as politically competent actors. The aim of the article is to look beyond dominant focus of LGBTIQ+ movements’ focus on marriage equality and to recognize the specific needs of LGBTIQ+ youth that may not be addressed by achieving legal recognition of samesex couples and/or by LGBTIQ+ non-governmental organizations alone, that is, without intervention of and cooperation with relevant institutional actors and decision makers. With that in mind, the main focus of the article is to take their call “We are here!” seriously, thus, demands, formulated by 36 LGBTIQ+ young participants during the project, are analysed. Besides the legislative aspect, their demands include addressing the 1) social issues, deriving mostly from their relationships marked with a relative dependency on primary social environment, hetero- and cisnormative structures of 2) educational and 3) health systems, re-producing conditions in which discrimination and violence are to be expected, and 4) lack of visibility in mainstream media.


LGBTIQ+ youth, LGBTIQ+ movements, social issues, educational system, health system, media representation

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