Coaching methodology for sport coaches.

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To cite this ebook: NNS Partnership. (2023). Coaching methodology for sport coaches. London: RJ4All Publications, ISBN: 978-1-911634-91-1.

Authors: The NEETs Need sport  Partnership

Editor: Dr. Theo Gavrielides



The purpose of this material is to give sports coaches more insights into how sports are delivered for and experienced by youth who could be considered socially vulnerable. The information and methods recommended will develop sports coaches/youth workers’ understanding of how organised sports, as a series of social relationships and processes, can contribute to making socially vulnerable youth less vulnerable.

Project Background

Youth unemployment in the EU is at 16.9%, this accounts for about 3.4 million unemployed young people in the EU. The rate of EU adult employment is 9.3%, this is almost half the unemployment rate of youth.

The NEETs Need sport project aims to tackle these statistical barriers that EU youth are facing by increasing the employability of marginalized young people who are not in employment, education, or training (NEETs) through developing a set of training tools for youth workers/sport coaches. This project will use sport as a learning tool through interactive, fun, and educational development activities delivered efficiently to young people.

Co-funded by Erasmus+

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