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Author: Petro Kraliuk, Tetiana Sydoruk & Iryna Tymeichuk

To cite this article: Kraliuk, P,. Sydoruk, T,. & Tymeichuk, T. (2021). “Opportunities for Young People to Study in Theological Education Institutions of Ukraine”, Youth Voice Journal: Young People In Education, Vol.4, pp. 34-44. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1- 911634-36-2



Purpose: The purpose of the article is to study the formation and development of theological education institutions in Ukraine during its independence and analyze their current quantitative and qualitative characteristics based on statistical data for 2019. Close attention is paid to the issue of opportunities for youth to obtain education and develop in the reformed theological education institutions of Ukraine.

Methodology:The study of the historical aspect of the formation and reform of theological education institutions of Ukraine is carried out using general scientific qualitative methods. At the same time, quantitative methods have been used to analyze the functioning of theological education institutions at the present stage. In particular, the authors have performed a mathematical analysis of the annual statistical report on state-confessional relations in Ukraine for 2019 based on the calculation of generalized indicators.

Findings: It is stated that due to a significant number of theological education institutions, they are predominantly small. As a rule, they do not have numerous and sufficiently qualified teaching staff and an adequate material base. Most theological education institutions have a narrow denominational orientation that gives rise to certain isolationism, conservatism in the field of education, and orientation towards the old denominational patterns in teaching theological disciplines. It limits the opportunities for young people studying in these institutions. Nevertheless, there are examples of a successful reformation of higher theological institutions, which not only train theologians but also develop a number of secular curricula and create modern opportunities for the education and development of young people.

Originality: The article’s novelty is that for the first time at the level of scientific research special attention is paid to the issue of opportunities for youth to get an education and develop themselves in theological education institutions of Ukraine.

Keywords: youth, theological education, religious organizations, theological education institutions, opportunities.

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