Overcoming Age Stereotype against Young Employees through People Skills Interventions

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Author: Mitashree Tripathy & Kunta Likitha

To cite this article: Mitashree, T & Kunta L. (2021). “Overcoming Age Stereotype against Young Employees through People Skills Interventions ”, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2969.

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Among the many ‘–isms’ at workplace like racism, sexism, rankism, colorism, classism, there also exists ageism that is age stereotyping. Age stereotyping, although happens to be the most composite and difficult factor that raises a number of issues at workplaces, it is the least recognized, and apparently accepted as normal and inevitable. Research points out that lack of awareness of age discrimination prevails worldwide at workplaces. The primary objective of this paper is to evaluate the existence of age-stereotype among the workforce. The secondary objective of the study is to assess the intervention of people skills in overcoming the barrier of age stereotype at workplaces. Data for the study was collected from 200 employees of various age groups ranging from 18 to 45 and above belonging to multiple workplaces in India through a questionnaire in an electronic survey providing questions relating to the participants’ awareness and willingness to incorporate people skills in order to overcome age stereotyping. The secondary objective was tested through correlation analysis as a pilot study. Results indicated that age stereotyping ranged higher towards the young employees at workplaces than the older workforce in India. Further, the correlation analysis depicted that people skills can have a significant impact on overcoming the barriers of age stereotyping towards young employees at workplaces.

Keywords: Age stereotyping, Young, Old workforce, Workplaces, Organizations, People skills

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