Patel, D. (2012) An International Review of Young Girls in the Youth Justice System

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Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal


The development of Restorative Justice traces back to the USA and in recent years,the UK has borrowed this concept and applied it to both male and females in and around the Criminal Justice System. However, how well has Restorative Justice worked with young girls in the Youth Justice System? Throughout the history of youth offending, policies and offending behaviour interventions have been shaped around adult women and male offending. However, recent research has found that the crimogenic needs of young girls differ dramatically and a different approach should be taken. Due to the recent interest in Restorative Justice in the UK and other Countries, this paper will seek to explore the development of Restorative Justice and its aim at shaping international policies. It will then go on to look at its use with young girls and whether it was effective. The aim of the paper is to establish whether there is a need for change in intervention if it is to be used with young girls in the Youth Justice System internationally.

Davina Kiran Patel is currently a PhD student at the University of Loughborough

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