Peculiarities of professional culture development in modern youth in Ukraine

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Author: Iryna Hrytsiuk, Lyudmyla Magdysyuk, Maria Zamelyuk, & Iryna Podoliak

To cite this article: Hrytsiuk, I., Magdysyuk, L., Zamelyuk, M., & Podoliak, I. (2021) “Peculiarities of professional culture development in modern youth in Ukraine”, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2969.

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The article is designed to describe the features of the formation of the professional culture of modern youth in Ukraine. We strive to reveal the value orientations, interests, and approaches to the choice of professions in our country. To study and analyze the experience of our country, especially in the western region, in the formation of future professionals. This experience will take into account the impact of this issue on the formation of guidelines for professional culture in a changing and dynamic world. After all, not only in Ukraine but all over the world, it is difficult to predict which professions will be relevant in the future. It is even more difficult to predict what knowledge, skills, and abilities need to be formed in future professionals so that they are satisfied with their skills, their own professional status, see their prospects for development. The results of our survey were obtained on the basis of a direct survey of 60 students of Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University, who are studying in the first and fourth years of the Faculty of Psychology and Sociology. Moreover, it was important for us to conduct a comparative analysis of young people’s values and their characteristics, in particular, the volitional component, to understand whether values change during education and how much our young people are willing to take responsibility for their professional development and professional culture.

The methodological basis of our article is the provisions of psychological science, which relate to a greater generalization of the results of theoretical aspects of the psychological approach, namely: the essence and development of personality as an active subject of professional activity, features of professionalization of future professionals and their values. We came to the conclusion that professional culture is a complex integrative factor that combines interdependent holistic phenomena, such as axiological (value), operational, and personal creative. The value of this article is that our study can help the Department of Youth Policy in Ukraine, what to look for when developing school curricula and what aspects of modern professional culture will allow young people to be effectively implemented professionally both in Ukraine and outside it.

Keywords: youth, professional culture, value orientations, the psychology of culture, professional formation.

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