Psychological Peculiarities of Interpersonal Relations of Adolescents-mixed Education Learners in the Context of the Ukraine War

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Author(s): Oksana Davydova, Olga Litvinova, Svitlana Soshenko & Larysa Herasymenko

To cite this article: Davydova, O., Litvinova, O., Soshenko, S., and Herasymenko, L. (2023). Psychological peculiarities of interpersonal relations of adolescents-mixed education learners in the context of the Ukraine war, Ways of modernizing education and improving the research skills of young people, Youth Voice Journal Vol. III, pp. 55-66. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-97-3



The research aims to determine the peculiarities of young people’s development and the impact on their communication sphere during hostilities.

The research involved a theoretical analysis of the problem of interpersonal relations between adolescents, the preconditions and causes of communication difficulties and ways to overcome them, and the peculiarities of communication with both peers and adults. Several tasks were solved: the impact of war and mixed forms of education on the communication skills of adolescents was studied, the emotional and motivational state of wartime schoolchildren was determined, and methods of adapting the educational process to the peculiarities of adolescent development in today’s conditions were presented, factors affecting their interpersonal relationships caused by military operations and mixed form of education were identified, and several methods for improving the psycho-emotional state were identified. A survey was conducted among adolescents to determine their need for communication, assess their relationships with parents, and the impact of anxiety on communication.

The research results theoretically revealed the essence of the psychological characteristics of adolescents’ interpersonal relationships according to age psychology, the conditions of their development within the mixed form of education, as well as the factors of influence during the war in Ukraine.

The research revealed the level of anxiety that currently affects the emotional background of adolescents, the relationship between it and the need for communication with peers, and the impact of stress factors on adolescents’ relationships with parents.

Keywords: Wartime, distance education, resilience, communication activity, transitional age

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