Public Spaces for Youth in the New Infrastructure of Modern Cities

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Author(s): Valentina A. Sushko, and  Natalia G. Dekhanova

To cite this article: Dekhanova, N.G., and Sushko, V, A. (2022). Public Spaces for Youth in the New Infrastructure of Modern Cities. Value Orientations of Modern Youth in Challenging Times, Vol.2, Youth Voice Journal, pp. 42-51.
ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-72-0



Background: Today, the expert community is actively discussing the construction of public spaces for self-realization and professional and personal development of young people. This is a strategic development project for the youth not only in large cities, but also in small towns throughout Russia.

Purpose: This paper aims to analyze the emerging public urban spaces that have become the main request for modern young people in the capital of the country.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The analysis presented in the paper is based on the empirical data that was obtained in the course of the expert survey at the end of 2021. 30 semi-structured interviews were conducted with the specialists in the field of public space of Moscow who acted as experts.

Findings: As a result of the sociological study, several important areas of reorganization/problems of public space in Moscow for young people were analyzed and identified: capital center, embankments, and residential areas. The expert opinion was generalized and represented regarding the possibilities for further enhancement of the public urban space of the capital and ‘youth-friendly’ urban planning policy.

Conclusions: This article may be of certain value not only for specialists in the field of creating public spaces, but also for young people, youth organizations that also contribute to the solution of this issue.

Keywords: public space, new city infrastructure, youth, expert survey, capital city.

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