Rebecca Forde, Claire Cooke (2014) Young people’s experiences of Triage as a restorative disposal in Youth Justice – A Qualitative Analysis

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Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal


The research aimed to explore Triage, a restorative disposal available for young people who have committed a low-level offence. Triage has been found tobe associated with reduced re-offending, but little is known about the process and impact of Triage from the perspectives of the young people themselves. This qualitative study explored young people’s experience of Triage. Ten semi-structured interviews were conducted with young people (aged 14-17) who had participated with the scheme in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Thematic analysis yielded three themes: Effective engagement in promoting change, reflection of incident, and moving forward. The themes captured the process in which young people engage with Triage; of central importance was the relationships they form in promoting change, and the strategies they adopt to affirm a non-offending ideal, allowing them to move forward with their lives.


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