Restorative Justice: an Introductory Overview: Marsh R., and Earis R.

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Rachael Marsh
Research Intern, Independent Academic Research Studies, UK
Ros Earis
Research Intern, Independent Academic Research Studies, UK

Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal


Over the last ten years, restorative justice has become seen in the UK as a viable
alternative to incarceration and other traditional punishments meted out by the
formal justice system. It is also widely used with regards to informal justice in
schools, workplaces and the community (McDonald, 2010). Figures indicating its
high satisfaction and success rates are widely promoted by its advocates. However,
there is still no single official definition of restorative justice and, in the absence
of standardisation, theory and practice vary from region to region, and even from
practitioner to practitioner.
This article will provide an overview of the development of restorative
justice and its use within the UK today. It will also examine some of the major
challenges facing the profession, exploring its potential for development in the

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