Repositioning the victim in criminal justice: a restorative justice evidence-based offer

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To cite this ebook: Gavrielides, T. et al. (2023) Repositioning the victim in criminal justice: a restorative justice evidence-based offer, London: RJ4All Publications, ISBN: 978-1-911634-74-4.

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.23974.60483

Authors: Multiple authors

Editor: Dr. Theo Gavrielides


Following fierce campaigning by victims’ groups, the international community has entered into a debate that aims to move the victim from the margins to the centre of the criminal justice system. For the first time, restorative justice is explicitly regulated at the European Union legal level, as a “Victims’ Directive” aims to establish a baseline for its safe implementation across member states. This ground-breaking and timely edited collection aims to contribute to this international debate. The book aims to challenge current thinking while highlighting good practices that respect and safeguard victims in justice processes. The book uses a combination of theoretical and empirical analysis while utilising original research data collected by the European project “Restorative Justice in Europe” which was coordinated by the Editor, Dr. Theo Gavrielides.

Leading experts take bold steps in advancing the debate for a victim-led criminal justice system. The book also aims to give voice to victims directly by involving them as authors of its chapters/ case studies and as research participants. The book also includes sample training material, best practice and guidelines created by the RJE project through the contribution of victims, offenders and experts from across Europe.

“As a victim, I believe an increased uptake by victims relies strongly on the active implementation by practitioners of the Victims’ Directive. If victims feel empowered by the process, they will be more likely to participate in it, to the benefit of the victim, the offender and the community”. Gabrielle Browne, a victim of sexual assault and a member of the RJE Expert Advisory Group

“Governments around the world should open a debate about what is the most important for victims in the justice process”, victim of crime and RJE participant.

“Thank you for your active engagement with the Ministry of Justice in progressing this important project that will help inform future restorative justice policy. Gaining the insight of victims, offenders and practitioners will be important in considering how restorative justice practice can be made more effective for the public.” UK Ministry of Justice

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