The Mediating Role of Self-Control in the relationship between ‘Samatva’ (Equanimity) and thriving in emerging adults

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Authors: Prachi Pandey, Meera Padhy & Riswana Maryam

To cite this article: Pandey, P., Padhy, M. & Maryam, R. (2024) The Mediating Role of Self-Control in the relationship between ‘Samatva’ (Equanimity) and thriving in emerging adults, Youth Voice Journal, 14(2), ISSN (online): 2056-2969

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Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the mediating role of self-control in the relationship between Samatva, and thriving among emerging adults. 

Methodology: The study employed a cross-sectional survey design with 210 emerging adults aged 18 to 29. Participants completed self-report measures assessing Samatva, self-control, and thriving. Statistical analyses, including mediation analysis using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) via AMOS software, were conducted to explore the relationships among these constructs. 

Findings: The findings revealed a significant positive relationship between Samatva, self-control and thriving. Self-control emerged as a significant mediator in this relationship. Higher levels of Samatva were associated with greater self-control, which, in turn, predicted higher levels of thriving in various life aspects. Thriving in emerging adulthood not only benefits individuals but also fosters a healthier, more vibrant society, laying the groundwork for a successful and fulfilling life. 

Research limitations: The sample, predominantly comprising college students, may not fully represent all emerging adults who have not pursued higher education. Future research would benefit from a more diverse sample, including individuals from various backgrounds and educational paths. 

Originality/ Value: This investigation uniquely explores the mediating role of self-control, illuminating how Samatva influence well-being of emerging adults during the transition to adulthood. Exploring these pathways further advances our knowledge of psychological development during this crucial life period and establishes the foundation for targeted interventions aimed at improving overall wellbeing. 

Keywords: confirmatory factor analysis, mediation analysis, samatva, self-control, thriving 

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