Self-Discrepancy as a Moderator Between Romantic Attachment and Body Image Satisfaction among Young Adults

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Author(s): Vardhini Krishnamurthy & Surekha Chukkali

To cite this article: Krishnamurthy, V. & Chukkali, S. (2021).“ Self-discrepancy as a Moderator Between Romantic Attachment and Body Image Satisfaction among Young Adults”, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2969.

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Body image satisfaction is about appreciating our body the way it is. One’s romantic attachment style with their partner may impact their body image which this study wants to assess. The present study looks at romantic attachment and its effect on body image satisfaction, with self-discrepancy playing the moderator role. Romantic attachment was measured through avoidance and anxiety dimensions along with trust, commitment, intimacy, physical proximity, support, and partner’s suggestions on dressing and looks. Individuals in the age group of 18-25 in a romantic relationship (N=170) were sent an online questionnaire. The questionnaire included scales on body image satisfaction, self-discrepancy and romantic attachment. Correlations results revealed that attachment styles and specifiers of romantic relationships correlate highly with body satisfaction. Regression results indicated a high impact with attachment-related emerging as the single most impactful predictor for the model. The findings from the study can be used by individual and couple therapists dealing with romantic and body image concerns. In a period where romantic relationships are becoming very important in young adults’ lives, this study probes into the possibility of romantic relationships affecting body image issues. Studies in the past have given more importance to body image dissatisfaction and parental attachment but this study looks at body satisfaction along with romantic attachment. In a collectivistic Indian culture where the concept of dating is gradually gaining popularity, the findings of this study are unique.

Keywords: romantic attachment, body image, self-discrepancy, trust, intimacy

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