Social Networking Sites: A Tool for Bridging Academic Inequalities Among Academicians During Pandemic

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Author(s): Hitesh Keserwani and Himanshu Rastogi

To Cite this Article: Keserwani, H., and Rastogi, H. (2023). Social Networking Sites: A Tool for Bridging AcademicInequalities AmongAcademiciansDuring Pandemic, Inequality, InformationalWarfare, Fakes and Self-Regulation in Education and Upbringing of Youth, YouthVoice Journal Vol. IV, pp. 64-77. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-81-2



With the rapid development of technology and emerging trends in the social media platform, the education sector has also adopted a wide range of digital media technologies. In addition to the traditional media, the dependency over the social media platform either to promote the academic events or increasing academic partnerships or collaborations have been increased tremendously. Also, during the past three years due to the pandemic situation all around the world, the adoption of social networking sites by the academicians has also increased many folds, which clearly determines that there is a change in the adoption behaviour of social networking sites by the academicians, which is also supplemented by improved internet speed with affordable cost. With the rapid development and growth in the technology and massive information sharing the opportunity of virtual academic collaborations and online educational initiatives have certainly helped the academicians to reach out and fulfil their academic goals, which were not easily approachable to them earlier. Thus, bridging up the academic inequalities in terms of opportunities which were only limited to premier and top-rated institutions across the world. In this context the major purpose of this study is to investigate the various academic factors responsible for joining the social networking sites by the academicians and to identify the true potential of these sites in bridging up the academic inequalities among the academicians located in different parts of the country.

Keywords: Digital platform, social network, internet speed, academics, pandemic

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