Social-psychological Peculiarities of Youth with Delinquent Behavior

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Author(s): Liana Spytska

To cite this article: Spytska, L. (2023). Social-psychological peculiarities of youth with delinquent behavior, Ways of modernizing education and improving the research skills of young people, Youth Voice Journal Vol. II, pp. 9-17. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-96-6



The scientific research goal of the article is the determination of the delinquent behavior notion and its main definitions, forms, and peculiarities of delinquent behavior among youth, the influence of social and psychological conditions on first delinquency occurrences, and the determination of correctional methods for the prevention of delinquent behavior.

The following methods were employed for the detailed analysis of this issue: analysis and synthesis method, statistical method, comparative method, hermeneutic method, and interpretation method.

Results of the scientific research have theoretically explained the determinatives and main peculiarities of delinquent behavior among youth. Early conceptual notions of scientists in the research of social and psychological aspects of delinquency were described. Pubertal period influence on the youth was analyzed. Peculiarities of the «I» concept were studied. Indications and the nature of character accentuation were researched. The emulation reflex was described. Delinquency prevention methods and correctional approaches to the treatment of thereof were described.

The scientific article aims to deepen the research of delinquent youth psychology knowledge, to find and establish modern, proper, and effective methods of antisocial behavior correction and their early prevention to form a psychologically stable and conscious society with high individual principles and morality, which would expedite the comfortable and worthy living.

Keywords: Illicitness, pubertal period, character accentuations, youth criminality, troubled tutor

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