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Author: Tetiana Blashchuk, Olha Balatska & Yaroslava Orlovska

To cite this article: Blashchuk, T., Balatska, O., & Orlovska, Y. (2021). “Student’s Rights for Safe Living and Studying Environment in Pandemic Conditions, Youth Voice Journal: Young People In Education, Vol. 2, pp. 7-20. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-21-8


Through history, humanity tried to fight with outbreaks of diseases using different methods. The increasing rate of population and its high mobility made it almost impossible to localize the disease in one region. The deterioration of the situation in 2020, because of the spreading of COVID-19, caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 encourages scientists to start the scientific research to find the solution how to localize the disease, including legal methods, within both one country and the whole world. The development of students’ mobility instigates to check current mechanisms of providing students’ rights for safe living and studying environment in pandemic conditions used in the country.

The main aim of the researches described in this article is to analyze in real-time the necessary legal mechanisms and methods, which are used by the country to protect the right of a person for a safe environment in pandemic conditions. We were also interested in methods that were used to localize the disease in Ukraine and other countries and their constitutional compliance.

The research is based on the analysis of adopted regulations and their comparison with other countries, as well as on the information collected after individual interviewing the students from different regions of Ukraine.

The results of the research showed the most effective method of preventing and counteracting the pandemic is isolation and other restrictive methods, used in the region or in the whole country, that have to be provided on legislative level and have to be controlled by the country and they will ensure the right of protecting the health of the individual.

The development of restrictive measures in the pandemic conditions on legislative level, their interaction with the norms of the Constitution of defined state and methods of solving this problem need further research.

Keywords: pandemic, right, safety, health, personal intangible rights

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