Teaching in Cooperative Groups in the Function of Inclusive Education

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Author(s): Asllan Vrapi, Derling Jose Mendoza Velazco, Natalya Chernyavska- ya, Yury Kravtsov, & Vadym Kondratiuk

To cite this article: Vrapi, A., Velazco D.J.M., Chernyavskaya, N., Kravtsov, Y., and Kondratiuk, V. (2023). Teaching in cooperative groups in the function of inclusive education, Ways of modernizing education and improving the research skills of young people, Youth Voice Journal Vol. II, pp. 46-58. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-96-6



The purpose of the article is to justify the resource component of the inclusive competence of teachers of institutions of higher education in Albania in the context of the organization of cooperative learning in inclusive groups.

The basis of the methodological approach of experimental research is theoretical research methods (comparative analysis, synthesis and generalization of theoretical data); empirical (questionnaires, testing, conversation, observation, survey, generalization of pedagogical experience, creation and solution of problem situations); diagnostic; pedagogical observation and experiment. In the course of the conducted experimental research at the ascertainment stage, among the academic staff of the Ismail Qemali University of Vlora, Albania, the problems of the unpreparedness of teachers to work in an inclusive environment were identified, and ways of improving the methodology of increasing the readiness of teachers of higher education institutions to work in cooperative groups with inclusive students were outlined.

After conducting an experimental study, promising directions for improving a favourable educational environment for teachers and inclusive students while working in cooperative groups were formed.

The practical value of the work lies in the development of methods of organization and implementation of the process of teaching inclusive students in institutions of higher education.

Keywords: Inclusive competence, inclusion index, coaching technologies, interactive methods, students with special needs.

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