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Author: Andrii Shevtsov & Nataliia Nykonenko

To cite this article: Shevtsov, A., & Nykonenko, N. (2021). “The Code of Ethics in Young Pre-Service Special Educators Training, Youth Voice Journal: Young People In Education, Vol. 3, pp. 57-68. ISBN (ONLINE): ISBN 978-1-911634-36-2



Purpose. Based on a detailed analysis of the fundamental principles of ethics codes adopted in the USA, the United Kingdom, and other European countries, and grounded on an analysis of future Ukrainian special educators’ willingness to abide foreign ethical principles, the purpose of our work is to study the need to develop and to define the content of the national ethics code of professional conduct for special educators in Ukraine.

Methodology. The comparative analysis of existing practices of implementation of ethics codes for special educators abroad and in Ukraine and the fulfilled via online survey empirical research on the readiness of Ukrainian prospective special educators to uphold the ethical principles, are outlined in the paper.

Findings. The authors’ theoretical conclusions of the need to introduce a Code of Ethics for special educators in Ukraine are proved by empirical results, which indicate incomplete readiness of future Ukrainian special educators to adhere the ethical principles valid abroad and their insufficient awareness of the need in a national code of ethics.

Originality. Despite the fact that the study of professional competencies necessary for successful professional teaching has long been discussed in the Ukrainian scientific literature, this is the first time when development of an ethics code for special educators is discussed on the basis of a comparative study of similar foreign experience. The draft of the ethics code offers novelties not enough highlighted in foreign analogues.

Keywords: ethical principles for special educators, special education teachers’ training, special education teachers’ preparation in Ukraine.


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