The development of higher IT education in Ukraine: condition and prospects

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Author(s): Mykola Yershov, Leonid Romanov, Liudmyla Yershova, Natalia Kulalaieva, and Ganna Romanova

To Cite this Article: Yershov, M., Romanov, L., Yershova, L., Kulalaieva, N., and Romanova G. (2023). The development of higher IT education in Ukraine: condition and prospects, Inequality, Informational Warfare, Fakes and Self-Regulation in Education and Upbringing of Youth, Youth Voice Journal Vol. II, pp. 98-109. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-79-9



The article analyzes the trends of digitization of higher education in Ukraine, characterizes the current state of IT training of specialists in higher education institutions, identifies specific features of IT education, singles out directions for the development of higher IT education, formulates recommendations regarding the need to establish closer cooperation between higher education institutions and IT companies, the unification of requirements for educational courses in IT specialties taking into account the needs of the development of the global and domestic IT industry, the formation of a general strategy for the development of educational programs and standards in the field of IT based on considering the requirements of professional communities for the level of professional competences and qualifications of IT specialists, constructing an integrated three-level system of IT education, creating clusters from leading universities, IT companies and IT associations, deepening international relations of domestic and foreign educational institutions and leading IT corporations. The methodology
and the results of the work of focus groups (“Teachers of formal education institutions”, “Educational managers”, “Trainers of informal education institutions”, “IT-business representatives”) regarding prognostic justification of the prospects for the development of domestic higher IT education are presented.

Keywords: digitization, IT education, educational program, university, cluster, methodology, focus group.

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