The Role of Parents in the Development of Language and Speech in Children

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Author(s): Shukrije Baruti

To cite this article: Baruti, S. (2023). The role of parents in the development of language and speech in children, Ways of modernizing education and improving the re- search skills of young people, Youth Voice Journal Vol. III, pp. 67-79. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-97-3




The environment in which children grow, develop, and learn language and speech features is largely dependent on their parents. The relevance of the study lies in the necessity to identify the key aspects that impact children’s speech development, as timely speech development serves as the foundation for an individual’s mental and emotional well-being and plays a crucial role in shaping their personality during preschool childhood.

The article aims to learn the peculiarities of interaction between parents and children, and its relationship with articulation, language and speech.

The study involved 115 children at the age of over five and a half and their parents (n=115) from the Republic of Kosovo. The methods of surveying of parents about interaction with their children and testing of children by articulation test were used.

The correlation between indicators of children’s interaction with parents, socio-economic status of the family, use of digital devices, and other features, with the results of the articulation test. The indicators of children’s relationship with parents and ways of using digital devices (parental supervision, effective short-term use, or uncontrolled and long-term use) had a substantial impact on children’s results of articulation testing despite the socioeconomic position of families haven’t. Parental knowledge of child development and the family environment also have significant correlations with results of articulation testing.

Prospects for further research are to develop recommendations for parents on child development, justified and controlled use of digital tools in family life, and effective interaction between parents and children in the future.

Keywords: Family, language stimulation, communication skills, environment, child development

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