The use of world wide web by youths of today in higher education institutions

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Author(s): Rexwhite T Enakrire

To cite this article: Enakrire, R.T. (2023). The use of world wide web by youths of today in higher education institutions, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2056-2969



This study investigates the use of the World Wide Web by youths of today in Higher Education Institutions in Nigeria. Many students in higher education institutions (HEIs) comprise youth. The study considered youths of today in HEIs since many HEIs are yet to infiltrate WWW into their systems operations. For their voice to be heard, they engage in different platforms searching for information to meet their information needs hence the use of the World Wide Web. Many HEIs across the world have moved into digital platforms of learning, making the processes of teaching, learning, and research in HEIs not able to function without the existence of WWW, such that the youths of today could harness their information needs. The qualitative content analysis of a systematic literature review and exposition and experiences of the author was used to understudy this research. The literature harvested for this study was obtained from Google Scholars. Findings indicate that many youths of today especially in developing nations still struggle to make use of the WWW due to the high cost of digital technology tools, data/bandwidth, access, and inadequate digital knowledge, and skills to navigate within the ambiance of the WWW. Findings further reveal that many higher education institutions are underfunded due to the dwindling economic situation. The benefits associated with the use of WWW are fascinating and evolving. The study recommends that HEI should endeavour to get connected to the online platform where the youths of today could benefit more from using the services of WWW. Academic staff and youths of today are exposed to different training and experiences, that would necessitate using WWW, thus advancing their functionality in any workspace.

Keywords: Use, World Wide Web, Youths of today, Information resources, Higher education institutions.

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